Isolation, Instinct, Best Teacher

Sometimes if we feel like we climbing the ladder but it doesn’t feel like we are going higher , if one is surrounded by people  that want to change you then isolation is a beautiful fruit . It is a fruit which will give you improved vision, satisfaction and clarity in the narrow road that needs to be followed for achieving success. Isolation can make us question our actions, unconscious actions (habits) which will lead to understanding and then positive change. One that is happy with you will easily choose a good ladder to climb. People often think that by trying to change someone you are helping them, but the truth is often far from that. In order for such an advice to have a positive impact one must truly know who they are because they could give up an identity which they’ve been building in short term and not let that instinct guide them to real self .

Experience is the greatest teacher because it has the most in depth lesson that you will recall because it isn’t synthetic as all those “do this to get that “sort of material. And experience is most meaningful when thyself choice has led to that. Making people understand you do not need their advice can please both parties.

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