Boundaries and belief

Society is teaching us that we shouldn’t have any boundaries and we should tolerate everything. When we make a habit of accepting/tolerating everything, we make a habit of allowing others to infiltrate our space which means we do not value our own space.

A good way of seeing the importance of boundaries would be this :  picture yourself as being the sun , while  your goal is to heat up the galaxy ( providing value to others ) , suppose you allow tiny holes to appear into the sun , that would mean that you wouldn’t be able to provide as much value outside . Having boundaries would make you completely round with no holes which would make you radiate maximum amount of value.

The next step is figuring out which boundaries we have to implement in our lives in order for our impact to be potent. Make it a responsibility to be positive by adding boundaries to your life. One must not be only responsible but also accountable for what is happening.

As I look around people are thought to disbelief in themselves and others by compromising their selves for what others taught them it was right.

Work with no belief has no succession because belief is what allows your mind to make your mental creation (ambition) real. Belief is the key to transforming a mental creation into reality.

Definition of belief: an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof

Isolation, Instinct, Best Teacher

Sometimes if we feel like we climbing the ladder but it doesn’t feel like we are going higher , if one is surrounded by people  that want to change you then isolation is a beautiful fruit . It is a fruit which will give you improved vision, satisfaction and clarity in the narrow road that needs to be followed for achieving success. Isolation can make us question our actions, unconscious actions (habits) which will lead to understanding and then positive change. One that is happy with you will easily choose a good ladder to climb. People often think that by trying to change someone you are helping them, but the truth is often far from that. In order for such an advice to have a positive impact one must truly know who they are because they could give up an identity which they’ve been building in short term and not let that instinct guide them to real self .

Experience is the greatest teacher because it has the most in depth lesson that you will recall because it isn’t synthetic as all those “do this to get that “sort of material. And experience is most meaningful when thyself choice has led to that. Making people understand you do not need their advice can please both parties.