Monday Rebirth

Today is the start of the week again, a day which is slightly different than the other days. Monday is the real start as the majority considers Sunday a rest day.

Every day we put in the work so we can be the person we aspire, not the person we were yesterday. We naturally love going limitless therefore we should always be ourselves unapologetically and the more we do, we go calmer so we can do some more.

We give only to the ones that are open to receive so we can continue giving and we keep that lovely feeling of giving.

Monday is the day where we realize how much time we really have ahead of us this week   168 hours therefore 10,080 minutes.  We are ready to use time to our advantage so we create more time for ourselves. It is a day where we figure out what we need to do and we aspire to do 10x what is needed, while thinking 10x bigger.