The notion of “work”

It may sound very simple but this concept could have easily been corrupted in its connotation by it’s people offering this ability to you.

When you had your first job you started working because “it is the right thing to do ” or you have to earn money to survive .The reason you didn’t put much value on it initially was because you were so much more connected with yourself than you may be now, meaning that chances are you have been depersonalized to a degree in order to fit in, or to survive. You used to have a boundary between yourself and work, there used to be a line. Does that line exist now or have you compromised yourself in this continuous chase? Have you forgotten that the only reason you work for is to build a better, more enjoyable life, to be more connected with your soul?

The point of an organisation is to turn you into a cog in the system. A skilled individual with no self-esteem that has allowed others to project their opinion on him/her  in order to please their colleagues  because they have also allowed others to do project their opinion upon them .

If you find yourself in that position you need to take some time off to recognize what is really important to you. Find out what action you need to take in order to put yourself in a position where you can protect your identity from others in order to continue/restart to build.

Beware of the dangers in your environment that bait you to compromise yourself. Ask yourself who were you before it all started and who are you now? Is there any correlation?