How to Hustle? Here are 5 Key Tips to Hustle for greatness!


Do you have an 8am to a 4pm job?

How do you feel working on a day job?

Let me help you to look at a different perspective. If you are working a day job, you are actually making other people dream come true. Let’s be practical. There is nothing wrong working your day job. It is still good to do so as we need income to survive and live. However, you should not forget to work on your dream and making it a reality. There is when the word Hustle is born.

Starting MarvinInspire is my hustle to add value my audience which includes you. It is deeply connected to my “WHY.”

My why is to inspire people to embrace the life obstacles so that they can grow living life with fulfilment. 

Enough about me, the focus is how can I add value to you? By doing your hustle…

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Hello fellow Fighters

Today it is monday , and monday is the day which sets the tone for the rest of the week.

It is time , time to see how much you can produce this week , to test your will power , capacity , potential .

It is time to light that fire  , start and continue to add wood to that fire or you risk to burn in it all out ! The more wood you add to it the easier it is to add wood !

Show yourself no mercy with all those temptations that keep you from producing more and keep your focus on because this week , you will produce more than last week ,

If you ask yourself when is enough enough you have not failed enough !

Figure out what you need to do and do 10x more than what you need to do and you will feel that fire burning