The mind and one way of viewing it

The mind we have been given is in fact a resource with limited capacity over time which drives our life forward or backwards. It is interesting to realize that we can compare it in the same way with a computer, in the sense that it memory, processor which decreases in power over time but the more we train it the more powerful it is.

It can be split between the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind deals with the decision making while the subconscious one has a huge memory and also deals with habits. This amazing resource we possess is capable of extreme productivity and productivity is derived from hour habits . Take a deeper thought about it and see how can you put it to good use while oppressing  the bad habits from your subconscious mind . Our habits reflect our productivity therefore we must work on developing useful habits rather than just mere producing. Scientist say it takes up roughly 66 days to develop a habit therefore you can have a clear expectation of how much effort it will take in order to feel some results .

How can we actually use it to our advantage , rather than   our habits using us ?

Consciousness is what allows us to be more present and it can be enhanced through various tools that are free in this world .