Is it possible ?!

Extracting Value

Is it possible that we see ourselves 10 times , 100 times ,1000 times  or x times less capable of what we can actually DO ? Puzzling question isn’t it ? The only way to ever finding out is giving our best 110% of the time of every single second  you got given , to do what is RIGHT for you.

Where is this FOG coming from !? The fog for which we cannot see what we are capable off ?

The fog is produced by things such as :

  • Self-esteem ( therefore you need to do everything  possible or impossible to INCREASE it  , and to do everything to PROTECT it )
  • Positivity ( you need to commit to seeing the GOOD in every outcome or interaction which is definitely there )
  • People will tell you not to do things or that you are not CAPABLE of  something …

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Society has definitely had an effect upon you when it comes to agreeableness. How do you feel when you agree with others? Does it make you feel good, or does it make you needy?  There is a big majority of you which have been or still are a “yes man/woman “.

  • if you feel good then you are on the right track and by saying yes you are not compromising yourself
  • If it does not fulfil somewhere along the line you are compromising yourself by not yes to the wrong things. There is a very big chance that you have created a habit of being agreeable to eve thing therefore you will feel fatigued every time you are compromising yourself .

If it does not fulfil you then i recommend an isolation to self-purpose:

  • Isolate yourself from everyone until you will be able to fully judge everything before agreeing to anything. Simply say no as many people as you need , for as long as you have to in order to feel in control with yourself