The prison of care

The reason I write about this topic is that this is the biggest weakness we have in our path to success in my opinion. Ever since we were a baby, we were kicking, screaming, shouting and crying while someone hardly could stop us from doing so, but ever since we starting doing things alone we have been programmed in this fashion: do this or you will not be loved. The consequence of this is that we had to be certain person in order to obtain love from our parents (conditional love indeed). Our parents are training our reticular activator system in the way that we have to be someone in order to obtain love; therefore you have to care about being someone (your instinct is telling you otherwise) that isn’t necessarily you.

Our minds are then soon conditioned into caring for something rather for following your own instinct .The society is telling you cannot be noisy, you cannot be loud or if you do any of that you have a problem, but the truth is you really do not have a problem at all. Ironically, the problem is when you weaken that instinct by allowing others to infiltrate your space, which means you do not value your own space.

So who are the most dangerous people towards your potential as a human being?

They are your parents, close friends, relatives simply because you are conditioned to care about their point of view, totally compromising your view in order to obtain love.


Building the ruthless muscle is necessary for following your potential.  Before you can be ruthless to others you must be ruthless with yourself (show yourself no mercy for not being where you want to be).