The root of complaining

The goal of many corporations is to skill up employees / finds skilled employees in order to cog them up in their system. After a while spent working for a company it is likely your self-esteem will highly suffer and you will be start immediately respond to that loss in self-esteem. The only way you can unconsciously respond to this consequence is by focusing on less opportunity and more non-opportunity. What is the point of complaining if you are not determined to find another alternative?

The cycle is as follows :

Desire – Unforeseen Obstacle – Lack of Control – Suffering- Complaining

Which of one these 5 parts of the cycle should we always focus on when we start suffering ?

You are right , it is CONTROL

While you may have a lot of control in your own time when you are not at work, when you are at work, you lack control over your goals and that will leave you in hope. Hope is nonetheless a lack of responsibility or accountability for the outcome when referring to outcomes. The root of complaining is undoubtedly a lack of control over the desired outcome therefore, reassessing what you can actually have control over and taking action towards it is your only choice.

Do not give up control, exercise towards it regardless the circumstances and the fruits will follow as long as you are committed.

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