Be Obsessed Or Be Average

There was a moment in time where i could not see how i could support my actions and intentions due to conventional wisdom . With Grant’s help i managed to readjust my thinking to massive proportions and to not slow down in the name of common sense .Anyone who wants to live a  passionate , fulfilling rich life in any shape or form should consider giving this masterpiece a read .

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9 thoughts on “Be Obsessed Or Be Average

      • 🙂 I like to read non-fiction inspirational kinda stuff…and probably I’ll need some kick cuz I’m a person who’s generating ideas, but not a #doer. Mmmm, or maybe 50% doer. I can start with great enthusiasm but I almost never finish. Often I think “it’s enough what I achieved.. let’s go and rest” lol


      • Read it. I can tell u, my self-esteem been always low (by different tests, even from school-time…but I’m from very poor family, so everything I had was always ‘good enough’ for me, because we/my fam/ had no possibilities to get something better. I mean I was happy with what I’ve got and I never wanted ‘something else’ or better..probably it is also a side of my character/personality). I’ve been always positive. In general I never been depressed/sad for a long time. My friends or fam called me “one day-girl” because I never been sad more than one day. But again, its all because I don’t think much. I keep my head empty, and Im happy how things goes. And if I have an idea – I take myself there quickly, with lots of energy..but half way, and then I drop it and move to something else. About job – I do exactly what should be done. No more no less. Worked well for me, so far.


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